Efficiency, the overlooked energy resource

Energy Efficiency-A BRIGHT IDEA

May 15, 2008-New report by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released today shows huge energy saving through efficiency have already occurred and lots more is available.

It’s the U.S. energy boom that no one knows about. Energy efficiency may be the farthest-reaching, least-polluting, and fastest-growing energy success story of the last 50 years. But it also is the most invisible, the least understood, and in serious danger of missing out on needed future investments. In the first attempt to quantify the overall impact of the hidden U.S. energy efficiency boom, a major new report from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) shows that U.S. energy consumption (as measured per dollar of economic output) will have been slashed by the end of 2008 to half of what it was in 1970, from 18,000 Btus to about 8,900 Btus.
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Judge orders extension of public comment period

CETF has requested that the public comment period be extended until after the evidentiary hearings are completed, and Judge Heydinger has granted the request (the order is here). Keep sending those letters. You now have until September 26. Need a little help? Read this post and these sample letters for ideas.

Honorable Judge Beverly Jones Heydinger
Office of Administrative Hearings
600 North Robert Street
P.O. Box 64620
St. Paul, MN. 55164-0620


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