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Although the Minnesota PUC decided in mid-April that the CapX2020 Hampton to LaCrosse lines are needed, we believe there are good legal arguments to overturn their ruling in court. But we must raise money to pay our attorney to argue the case for us.  At stake is protection of the Upper Mississippi Wildlife Refuge and other areas from negative wildlife, ecosystems, tourism and human impacts.  If we do not raise the money, we cannot move forward on this case.  Ask yourself, “If not me, then who?” and please, DONATE NOW!

Making Progress On Exception Repeal for High Voltage Transmission Lines

On Wednesday, April 29, Rep. David Bly (D) from Northfield thought his efforts to get an amendment (to repeal the eminent domain exceptions) attached to a bill in the House of Reps. was a failed effort. But he decided to give it one last try. He changed the amendment to say only large high voltage transmission lines do not get the exceptions and was successful in attaching it to the Energy Policy bill in the house. And it passed!

The Energy Policy bill will now go to a conference committee. So the next step is to contact members of the Energy Conference Committee and let them know that this amendment is supported and should be in the final bill. The House and Senate members have not been determined yet but as soon as they are, we will post the names so you know who to contact.

Please take time to thank Rep. Bly for his continued hard work and tenacity in seeing this bill through some very difficult times. He has truly been a representative for both his constituents and his non-constitutents.