Dean Regnier’s CapX2020 Letter to Post-Bulletin Among Best 10 of 2009

Congrats to Mazeppa resident Dean Regnier, whose letter (below and here) made the list of TOP TEN BEST LETTERS OF 2009 for the Rochester Post Bulletin!

Say ‘No!’ to CapX2020 transmission line

Published Nov. 3, 2009

Xcel Energy claims there is a growing demand for power — that’s why they want to build massive 15-story high transmission lines (paid for by rate-payers) and take people’s land (eminent domain), cutting through scenic Minnesota onto La Crosse, Madison, and points east to sell the power there.

The proposed routes for these lines will cut through century-old farms, and impact 25,000 private property landowners, who have a small voice compared to Xcel, D.O.T, DNR, and other government agencies.

We don’t need CapX. Xcel had nearly a “12 percent drop in peak demand” from 2006-2008, and reductions continue in ‘ 09 (Xcel energy SEC filings). Efficiency efforts are working and power use is down. CapX gained approval from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission on old data.

Thankfully, the Citizens Energy Task Force and two other groups are formally appealing the “need” in the Minnesota Court of Appeals, but the legal power of the utilities is daunting. Utilities profit by building high voltage lines that we pay for.

A better approach is to upgrade existing lower voltage lines as needed, and invest in smart grid technologies that will carry us into the future. Contact your legislators and tell them we don’t need CAPX2020.

Dean Regnier