Not in my yard, residents say about power line’s route

Post Bulletin April 14, 2011 click here for details:

By Ken Hanson
The Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN
PINE ISLAND — Penny Robinson tried to steady her emotions before a microphone Wednesday at the American Legion hall in Pine Island.

In retirement at her rural Oronoco home “I was looking forward to sitting by the pond and reading some good books. What I wasn’t planning on was CapX2020 smashing my dream to bits, and destroying the quality and safety of my existence,” she said.

Robinson was among about 200 people who packed the Legion hall to register comments and questions about the routing of the massive CapX2020 power transmission line that has been cleared to run through the Rochester area en route to the Kellogg area and Wisconsin.

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State agency takes on Xcel over proposed rate increase

Xcel Energy Rate Hike Request Challenged:
A MN state agency is taking on Xcel Energy over a proposed rate increase–knocking it down by $107 million, or more than half the planned increase of $198 million. “Xcel overestimated costs and underestimated revenue in 2011,” concluded the MN Dept. of Commerce. Xcel Energy is a public utility–CEO Richard Kelly earned $11 million last year, mostly from vested stock.

Note: Xcel is the lead utility in the CapX2020 ultra high voltage power line project (from the Dakotas, through Minnesota to La Crosse, WI) and would connect to the Badger Coulee Line (American Transmission Company) in La Crosse and travel to Madison, WI. Rate increases to electricity rate payers are used to pay for the massive 345Kv lines (15 story high towers) which have been contested in the MN court of appeals and continue to be challenged by citizens groups such as CETF and The utilities will profit and the users will pay.
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