Holmen School Board considers opposing power line route

The Holmen School Board is considering a resolution opposing a high voltage power line project.The board could take action on the proposal Nov. 28 after hearing comments Monday night for and against the proposed CapX2020 high-voltage line and a proposed Wisconsin power line extension

Jay Clark, associate superintendent, said the resolution looks at five issues: health and safety, short- and long-term financial implications, land use implications, residential growth implications and energy needs in western Wisconsin.

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Report casts doubt on big power line project for La Crosse area

A report by Wisconsin Public Service Commission staff says a proposed high-voltage power line that would cross the Mississippi River from Minnesota into Wisconsin near La Crosse may not be justified — at least, in terms of the needs of the La Crosse area.

The draft environmental impact statement, released this week, raises doubts about the CapX2020 project coming into Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin regulators question CapX2020 power-line proposal

The Wisconsin Public Service Commission isn’t convinced the La Crosse-area population will increase enough to justify a proposed $450 million, 345-kilovolt transmission line.

The proposed CapX2020 line would extend about 150 miles from Hampton, Minn., to the La Crosse area, crossing the Mississippi River at Alma and ending at a new substation near Holmen. Construction would begin in 2013, with the line in service by 2015

The Public Service Commission, a state regulatory agency, released a preliminary review of the project this week that questioned some CapX2020 projections

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(Monday Nov. 14) at 7p.m., Holmen School District Considers Resolution Tonight

The Holmen WI, School District Board of Education will consider a resolution opposing the CapX2020 high voltage power line, targeted to be built adjacent to schools in the district. CETF representatives will be speaking and a substantial crowd of concerned district residents are expected to attend. Location: School District of Holmen Board Room, 1019 McHugh Rd., Holmen, WI.


Madison, WI, November 14, 2011—An environmental report released last week from the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) on the CapX2020 project confirms what Citizens Energy Task Force (CETF) and other citizen groups have previously stated—the ultra-high voltage power line project is not needed.

   “The conclusions of the November 8, 2011 document (Alma—La Crosse 345KV Transmission Project Volume- Draft Environmental Impact Statement – 1 PSCW Docket 5-CE-136*) reveals PSC skepticism about the project,” explained George Nygaard, CETF intervenor spokesperson, “Projections of growth peak energy load demand submitted by CapX applicants are more than double the projections deemed realistic by PSC staff, which demonstrates a serious lack of need. The utilities have failed to demonstrate the required need for the project. The results give our area (Western Wisconsin/Southern Minnesota) a window of opportunity to promote local jobs producing energy conservation and efficiency measures as well as decentralized renewable energy options.”

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Summary File of Report

Editoral: Oppose high voltage power line proposal

 On Monday, the Holmen School Board will discuss a resolution opposing the high voltage power line from Alma to Madison. A major concern is the proximity of the line to three schools and the district office.

Since 1979, studies have shown a 2-3 times higher rate of childhood cancers in children who live close to a high voltage line. Recent studies show an increased risk of Alzheimer’s and other dementias in adults who live close to a line. Power companies deny any health risk. They say that persistent statistical correlations noted for 32 years mean nothing.

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