Region doesn’t need power line project

American Transmission Co. held another open house on Tuesday in Onalaska for landowners who might be future hosts to the Badger-Coulee 345kV power line.

There are some important facts that were not reported. ATC’s Badger-Coulee Line will only be built if the CAPX2020 power line from Alma to Holmen is built first. CAPX2020 and Badger-Coulee are two segments of one monster line carrying coal-generated electricity from the Dakotas to states east of Wisconsin.

If CAPX2020 is not approved by the Public Service Commission, Badger-Coulee will never be built.

At Public Service Commission hearings in Madison in March, experts testified that the CAPX2020 power line project is not needed. Projections of energy demand submitted by CAPX2020 are more than double the projections found to be realistic by PSC staff.

Electrical need in Wisconsin is projected to increase very slowly between now and 2035. Rebuilding lower-voltage power lines can meet reliability needs for Wisconsin for the next three decades.

The decision whether to permit CAPX2020 will be made by the PSC by June 4. Two of the three PSC commissioners were appointed by Gov. Scott Walker.

The commissioners have heard the expert testimony, and they have heard the overwhelming public and local government opposition to the CAPX2020 line. But will industry lobbying have the final say?

The power of money can only be countered by the power of people. Call the governor and tell him we don’t need these power lines, and we don’t want them.

 Linda Van Art, La Crosse, April 22, 2012 click here for details

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