Crime and Courts: Power line opponents take PSC to court

Groups opposing high-capacity power lines are hoping that a court challenge will torpedo plans to set up an electricity transmission system they say the state doesn’t need.

NoCapX 2020 and Citizens Energy Task Force are asking a Dane County judge to review the state Public Service Commission’s decision approving the CapX 2020 line, which will run from the Dakotas, through Minnesota, then from Alma to Holmen to serve the La Crosse metro region. It’s one of eight high-capacity lines either under way or proposed in Wisconsin.

by Steve Elbow, The Capital Times, August 26, 2012 click for details

Citizen groups go to court to stop Minn.-Wis. power line

Opponents of a high-voltage power line linking the La Crosse area and Rochester, Minn., have filed a lawsuit challenging the state Public Service Commission’s decision in May to approve the project.

The project is part of an array of power lines mainly in Minnesota proposed by a coalition of utilities led by Xcel Energy Corp. The CapX2020 projects aim to beef up the region’s network of 345,000-volt transmission lines.

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Pat Conway: No USDA dollars for CapX2020

Dairyland violated the public’s trust when it applied for $40 to $50 million from the USDA rural electrification fund, Rural Utilities Services (RUS), to pay for its share of the CapX2020 line. According to USDA guidelines, RUS money must go to non-profit electric cooperatives only for the purpose of improving electrical services to “persons in rural areas.” No one in Wisconsin will benefit in any way from the CapX2020 line. Please write your federal legislators and request they do all they can to stop the RUS funding for the CapX2020 line in Wisconsin.

Winona Daily News Opinion August 24, 2012 click for details