Big Powerlines Creating Big Conflicts

The public should also know how profitable transmission can be. In 2010, the largest for-profit transmission company, ITC Holdings, was reported to have the highest operating margin in the electric industry (51.7 percent). But ATC’s margin was higher (54.9 percent). These companies lead key planning groups of our regional grid operator.

Dear Editor: There’s a lot of fighting going on over high-voltage transmission lines.

CapX2020, which could run from South Dakota to the La Crosse area, is being challenged in court. The Badger Coulee line, which could plug into CapX in La Crosse and travel to Madison, is being fought both over

Xcel Energy wants to share ownership with the American Transmission Co. of Badger Coulee and receive a return on investment. But, when ATC was asked how much of its profit would be directly invested in the line, it answered, “None. As currently proposed, the cost … would be spread among electric ratepayers.” Presumably, Xcel would know this and the public should, too.



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Power line cost will be steep

September 18, 2012 3:30 am  • Baraboo News Republic By state Rep. Fred Clark

Residents of Sauk and Columbia counties may soon be living with the high-capacity transmission line known as the Badger Coulee line, proposed to connect La Crosse and Madison. It would run on 150-foot towers through the Wisconsin River valley between Wisconsin Dells and Portage.

Proponents like to describe the Badger Coulee and projects like it as similar to new highways that meet the future energy needs of Wisconsin. In fact, large transmission lines are like a highway, but unfortunately they’re often the kind of highway you have to live next to and look at, but which most of us can’t actually get on.

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Transmission line debate is far from over

Letter to the Editor
by Linda Van Art Sept 9, 2012, La Crosse Tribune

A battle is raging. Yet how many folks whose family budgets, health, lives, livelihoods and land will soon to be affected by its outcome know nothing about it?

Three months ago, the Wisconsin Public Service Commission gave permission to three power companies — Xcel Energy, WPPI Energy and Dairyland — to build an enormous transmission line from Alma to Holmen.

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