The Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) has succeeded in preventing court review of its May 30 decision to approve the CapX2020 Hampton-Rochester-La Crosse high-voltage transmission line.  By blocking participation of the attorney who represented citizens throughout the PSC hearings, numerous legal problems in the PSC’s decision and its process will not be open to review.

On Friday, October 26, 2012, the Hon. Ann R. Smith, Judge of Dane County Circuit Court, issued an Order denying a Citizen’s Energy Task Force (CETF) Petition for Judicial Review (an appeal).  Carol Overland, the attorney representing CETF throughout the CapX hearing process at the PSC was not allowed to continue to represent CETF in the Circuit Court. 

“We are shocked and dismayed that, because of this order, the PSC will not have to account for substantive legal problems cited in the appeal, including failure to follow Wisconsin law on energy priorities,” said Joe Morse, CETF steering committee member.  “Why do we have a PSC if they won’t follow Wisconsin laws established for energy policy?  

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State Public Service Commission’s bias is showing

October 04, 2012 4:30 am  •  Debra Severson

Dear Editor: Sens. Dale Schultz and Jennifer Shilling recently asked the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) to meet with them and community members to discuss energy infrastructure planning. The PSC said no, citing a policy to decline legislative requests for meetings like this to avoid confusion with official public hearings.

Days before the senators’ request, PSC Commissioner Phil Montgomery was the keynote speaker at the Wisconsin Utility Investors’ annual meeting. His topic? The PSC’s role in protecting the private investor and future of privately owned utilities.

Why would the PSC have policies that block legislators from facilitating public participation but allow appearances at industry functions to discuss protecting investor profits?

Deb Severson, The Cap Times October 4, 2012 click for details