Work together to stop power lines

by Irv Balto

In a story about the CapX2020 project, La Crosse County farmer Dennis Niccum said he is being hurt financially by the transmission line project going through his property (Sunday’s Tribune).

“I have to give them something of mine so they can make millions,” Niccum said.

People in the Coulee Region will make personal sacrifices for the common good. What sparks opposition and anger is when personal sacrifice is for private profit. click for details

Land negotiations under way in CapX2020 power line project

After years of regulatory wrangling, the high-voltage power line known as CapX2020 is about to become more real for Wisconsin landowners along its path.

In the past few weeks, the utilities behind the transmission line have notified hundreds of people who live and own property between Alma and Holmen that 150-foot towers will soon stand in their yards and fields, with 345-kilovolts of power humming along overhead.

Next begins a lengthy process of negotiation for the rights to the land, but unlike their counterparts in Minnesota, Wisconsin residents don’t have the option to sell out and walk away.

March 3,2013 by Chris Hubbuch LaCrosse Tribune click for details