CETF and SOUL Enlighten the Utilities

“CapX202 is a massive web of transmission that would stretch from the Dakotas into Wisconsin,….”

Admittedly, a discussion of transmission lines can be very complicated. Leave it to Deb Severson to shed some light on the utilities’ questionable data used to justify the project. CapX2020 simply is unacceptable. Read on…..

Press Release_Citizens Groups Stand Up to Dismissive Response of Electric Utilities_1.31.14

And, there’s more. Read the CETF and SOUL response to the dismissive attitude by the utilities to the petition to reopen the CapX2020 docket. You really have to wonder why the State of Wisconsin wants to force this ill-conceived and profit-laden project on the good people of Wisconsin. The people pay. The utilities play. Who in the Capitol cares? When will the Wisconsin PSC finally do what’s right and ReOpen the CapX2020 docket?

CETF SOUL Reply to Applicants Response

Rob Danielson and Debra Severson: More high voltage lines don’t make sense

From the Wisconsin State Journal, January 17, 2014 online

Those of us challenging the need for the Badger Coulee high voltage transmission lines in western Wisconsin support financially and environmentally sustainable energy solutions. We support investing in maintenance and projects to ensure reliability. But we do not think Wisconsin ratepayers should pay to help utilities compete in a shrinking market…….

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CETF and SOUL Petition Wisconsin PSC to Reopen CapX2020 docket

In a dramatic turn of events, CETF and SOUL have joined to petition the Wisconsin PSC to reopen the CapX2020 Hampton La Cross high voltage power line docket at the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. Read the entire press release here:

Press Release_Request to Reopen CapX2020 Docket_1.9.14

Read the entire petition to reopen here:

CETF SOUL Request to Reopen CapX2020_1.9.14

Read the summary of the petition to reopen here.

Summary_Request to Reopen CapX2020 Docket_01.09.14