Badger-Coulee decision to come March 26th.

It should not come as a surprise that, with little notice to the public, the Wisconsin Public Service Commission plans a decision on the Badger-Coulee line on March 26, 2015.

With hundreds of We the People voices expressing discontent with the project, it will be very interesting to see if the Wisconsin PSC hears the voice of the people, or falls back on bad habits of approving projects with study wanting.

Sandra Paske has confirmed that the PSC will make decisions on both Badger Coulee and the route adjustment for CapX2020 tomorrow(Thursday 3.26).

The PSC agenda states:

19. 5-CE-136 – Joint Application of Dairyland Power Cooperative, Northern States Power Company-Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Public Power, Inc., for Authority to Construct and Place in Service 345 kV Electric Transmission Lines and Electric Substation Facilities for the CapX Twin Cities-Rochester-La Crosse Project, Located in Buffalo, Trempealeau, and La Crosse Counties, Wisconsin Proposed Transmission Line Route Adjustments (suggested minute) (JJR/KR memorandum of 3/18/15)

20. 5-CE-142 – Joint Application of American Transmission Company LLC and Northern States Power Company-Wisconsin, as Electric Public Utilities, for Authority to Construct and Operate a New Badger-Coulee 345 kV Transmission Line from the La Crosse Area, in La Crosse County, to the Greater Madison Area in Dane County, Wisconsin (discussion of record)






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