Our Vision


To work towards a sustainable energy future.


  • Conservation and energy management come first to increase energy efficiency, reduce the demand for energy and manage the times when power is needed
  • Clean, renewable energy — wind, solar power, geothermal energy and use of biomass in a sustainable manner
  • Renewable energy is community based and community owned, helping to develop wealth and strengthen our rural economy.
  • Energy sources are dispersed and diverse, reducing the economic and security risk of depending on just a few power plants and power lines to keep the lights on.
  • Landowners whose property is needed for wind turbines, power lines or other energy facilities are fairly compensated and given the chance to benefit from the new energy economy.
  • Commitment to renewable energy brings new manufacturing and construction jobs to our region, building a healthy green economy for future generations.


  • To minimize the environmental harm caused as a consequence of constructing large power lines, including climate change impacts, increased greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, damage to aesthetics and natural features, effects of electromagnetic fields and adverse impacts to farms and property;
  • To promote clean, renewable energy and reduce the likelihood that high voltage power lines will support the construction and operation of coal plants in our region;
  • To promote community-based renewable generation throughout our region not only to reduce environmental impacts and costs of power plants and power lines, but also to strengthen our rural economy and achieve energy security with local, renewable solutions;
  • To protect Upper Mississippi River Basin natural areas and the diverse species and ecosystems which exist within them;
  • To emphasize the importance of conservation to reduce the demand for energy and reduce the need to build high voltage power lines;
  • To change the practice of eminent domain by utilities so that property owners are treated fairly and offered fair value for any land taken for power lines or other utility infrastructure;
  • To stop the CapX high voltage power lines unless the utilities can prove they are needed and cost-effective.

… for a sustainable energy future