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The Utilities Quiet Control of Decentralized Power Technologies

From The Power Line  a blog hosted by Bill Howley

Scott Sklar is one of the most expert of US experts on decentralized power.  Here is a very informative article he posted recently on Renewable Energy World.  Mr. Sklar takes apart power company claims that by using modern decentralized power technologies, small scale electricity producers are getting a free ride from consumers stuck in the clutches of obsolete generation and distribution.

This is a must read for anyone wanting to know “the rest of the story.”  To read The Power Line blog, take a look here.

Just a note: Bill Howley is an avid blogger on energy issues.

Wisconsin PSC combines SOUL and CETF for Intervenor Funds

By Bev Vaillancourt, CETF Board Member

As you may know, XCEL Energy and American Transmission Company (ATC)’s application for the Badger-Coulee line has been received by the Wisconsin PSC. Following that, SOUL and CETF separately applied to the Wisconsin PSC for intervenor funds to cover the cost of expert testimony as part of the application review process. Though together the request was for over $200,000, the Wisconsin PSC determined that the intervenor applications were duplicative enough to award a joint amount of $75,000.

With that decision, SOUL and CETF were faced with the problem of having to dramatically reduce what the two groups could offer in compensation to expert witnesses while still presenting a solid and compelling stance that the Badger Coulee line is 1) not needed, 2) environmentally harmful, and 3) economically obscene. In effect, SOUL and CETF were expected to divide the funds in any way the two groups could agree to do so.

After a great deal of introspection and discussion, the SOUL and CETF boards independently voted to join forces and dollars, with a focus on compensating key expert witnesses. A newly developed joint workplan, as required by the WPSC, will be submitted soon. A steering committee made up of 2 SOUL board members and 2 CETF board members has been formed to monitor progress of all documents required of expert witnesses, to ensure that filings with the WPSC are done in a timely manner, and to maximize our opportunities for collaboration and effective dissent.

Fund raising efforts are ongoing to try to maximize the dollars awarded by the WPSC. Look for more information on this website posted as this process unfolds.

We will keep you updated as more happens. The CETF Board is excited about working in joint effort with SOUL. In unity there is strength! The CETF board very much wants to hear from you. Feel free to post your thoughts to this blog. More about SOUL can be found here.


Wisconsin Public Radio talks Badger Coolee Project

It’s time to turn our attention to Badger Coulee. The Wisconsin Public Service Commission has accepted Xcel Energy’s and ATC’s application regarding the Badger Coulee Transmission Project. Scoping meetings are planned in the near future.

Deb Severson from Citizen’s Energy Task Force was invited to a Wisconsin Public Radio forum on the merits of the Badger Coulee line. Her candid comments are well worth the listen. Click on the link to move to the WPR website. Click “Listen” to hear Deb’s comments, along with those of ATC and the WPSC. Deb, as always, presents measured and well researched comments that go to the heart of this unneeded and costly project.

Badger Coulee Transmission Line Project


CETF and SOUL Petition Wisconsin PSC to Reopen CapX2020 docket

In a dramatic turn of events, CETF and SOUL have joined to petition the Wisconsin PSC to reopen the CapX2020 Hampton La Cross high voltage power line docket at the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. Read the entire press release here:

Press Release_Request to Reopen CapX2020 Docket_1.9.14

Read the entire petition to reopen here:

CETF SOUL Request to Reopen CapX2020_1.9.14

Read the summary of the petition to reopen here.

Summary_Request to Reopen CapX2020 Docket_01.09.14

Saving Wisconsin’s Farms and Communities

Let’s work together to save Wisconsin’s Farms and Communities. Let your thoughts be known to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC). With its power to determine the future of transmission line buildout in Wisconsin, the PSC holds the fate of your ratepayer dollars (your utility bills) in its hands — ratepayer dollars nicely wrapped and tucked away in ATC’s cookie jar. Cost = MILLIONS that you and I will pay for transmission lines at a time when energy demand is flat lining. Who benefits from these lines?

Read on:

cutting across Wisconsin's  farm fields and communities

cutting across Wisconsin’s farm fields and communities

Coalition Organized for Reliable Energy – Who Are They?

“We, the undersigned, support the benefits that an improved transmission infrastructure will bring to Wisconsin. The organizations listed below represent a diverse group of businesses,
labor unions, economic development organizations and trade associations, and each has a direct stake in Wisconsin energy issues. We recognize the need for a transmission system that can ensure the delivery of reliable electricity to businesses and customers, facilitate commerce, promote competition in the regional energy marketplace and help deliver renewable energy to Wisconsin customers. The American Transmission Company (ATC) and Xcel Energy have engaged with stakeholders like us throughout its transmission planning process and we support their efforts to address Wisconsin’s need for an improved electrical grid….”
So says CORE, the Coalition Organized for Reliable Energy. Want to know who signed on to this position? Take a look here.


La Crosse County Board Opposes Power Lines–Resolution Passes!

La Crosse, Tribune – La Crosse, WI By BETSY BLOOM
The La Crosse County Board on Thursday formally opposed two proposed high-voltage power line projects that would route through the county.

There isn’t a need for this line,” said Supervisor Marilyn Pedretti, who introduced the resolution objecting to the CapX2020 and American Transmission Company 345-kilovolt lines.

Though mostly symbolic, the county’s stance will be recorded with the Public Service Commission as it considers applications for the two projects in the coming year

Click here for details

Click here to view powerlines going up in St. Cloud

La Crescent Powerline Forum, Thursday, July 31

Minnesota State Representative Ken Tschumper (DFL – Houston and Fillmore counties) is hosting a community information forum on high voltage power lines Thursday, July 31, 7pm at the La Crescent American Legion.

Learn about the power companies’ proposal to run high voltage power lines where you live, and how this relates to your health, your property values, renewable energy, and local economic development.

For more information, see Rep. Schumper’s news release, and then call your neighbors and go to the Legion tomorrow at 7pm!

Public Hearings Testimony

Both public hearings in Lakeville yesterday (2008-06-26) were well-attended and informative. Many citizens testified, with an overwhelming majority expressing opposition to CapX2020. We’ve collected a few of the written testimonies here.

If you submitted written testimony, or have some notes from your oral testimony, send it to us and we’ll post it.

Stoked for the Public Hearings!

The barn dance and energizer event last night was a blast! The turnout was great; the Prairie Creek Group rocked; Paula, George, et al, educated, inspired, and motivated us all to speak out at the public hearings this week.

CapX2020 affects you and profits them, and they want you to pay for it. Your chance is now to let the judge and the PUC know what you want. If we don’t show up and speak at the public hearings, the judge and the PUC will hear only CapX’s pitch. So step up and let’s fill the room! Here are some documents to help you make the most of your opportunity to make your desires known.