Can powerlines harm your health?

You’ve probably heard of the harmful health effects of the electromagnetic radiation (aka EMR or EMF) emitted by high voltage powerlines. You may also have heard that there’s no certain proof that the adverse health effects were caused by the EMF. It reminds one of how we heard for decades that there may or may not be a link between cigarettes and lung cancer. An extensive BioInitiative Report released last year makes a strong case that responsible public policy should limit public exposure to EMF. The report is long, but at least take a look at the Preface and the Summary and Conclusions section. The briefest summary starts on page 34.

Public Hearings Testimony

Both public hearings in Lakeville yesterday (2008-06-26) were well-attended and informative. Many citizens testified, with an overwhelming majority expressing opposition to CapX2020. We’ve collected a few of the written testimonies here.

If you submitted written testimony, or have some notes from your oral testimony, send it to us and we’ll post it.

Stoked for the Public Hearings!

The barn dance and energizer event last night was a blast! The turnout was great; the Prairie Creek Group rocked; Paula, George, et al, educated, inspired, and motivated us all to speak out at the public hearings this week.

CapX2020 affects you and profits them, and they want you to pay for it. Your chance is now to let the judge and the PUC know what you want. If we don’t show up and speak at the public hearings, the judge and the PUC will hear only CapX’s pitch. So step up and let’s fill the room! Here are some documents to help you make the most of your opportunity to make your desires known.