Personal Training – Best Gyms in Dallas, Texas

best gyms in dallas txIf you have certain physical fitness goals in mind, you will need to do something to achieve them. You should be working out to make yourself physically healthy. When working out, there are numerous places that can bear witness to your determination. One of them and the most common place is the gym.

A fitness gym usually provides the necessary exercise equipment. A personal trainer may also be present in the gym to help you out in customizing a particular workout routine that will be beneficial to you.

You have to see to it, though, that your gym is a good one which will provide you with the benefits that you need. The list below compiles some of the best gyms in Dallas, Texas.

Trophy Fitness

This particular fitness gym has all the exercise equipment that you need, such as treadmills and bikes, among others. The place may not be as big but what makes it one of the best, though, is the kind of convenience you experience when working out in this gym.

Trophy Fitness Dallas – personal training is their main service.  Their gym is clean, especially the showers and the sauna. Towels, shampoos, and body wash, among others, are also being provided to the clients. It even has several dance rooms that you can use. Friendly personnel and trainers will assist you with your gym needs. If you are a student, you can even take advantage of a discounted rate.


SWEAT Gym is a family-owned establishment. The place offers a clean space where you can really work a sweat. The equipment that is available in the establishment is all of durable quality. It also makes use of natural lighting due to its large windows. Aside from that, the place is cool due to the presence of giant ceiling fans.

Builtco Gym

Cleanliness is not an issue in this gym. Many consider Builtco Gym a world-class facility. This is due to the presence of exercise equipment with high quality and personal trainers who will be there to help you.

Edge Group Fitness

This fitness gym offers 30-minute training, generally HIIT or high-intensity interval training. The instructors, including the owner, will be able to focus more on each of the trainees since each class only has a maximum of 15 persons. They are all friendly and usually become close to their clients like you have a personal trainer of your own. In addition to that, durable and quality gym equipment are also present.

Dallas Workout Gym

This gym is not as big as the others, which is why people feel more comfortable in this place like it is their personal space. You can expect this particular gym to be clean and organized all the time. The Dallas Workout Gym specializes in kettlebell training, but they also have different pieces of exercise equipment available for those who want to use them.


Paradigm Gym

This gym a luxury spa feel to any client, even though it is relatively small in size compared to other establishments. The gym has two sections, with one area filled with cardio training equipment while the other area is for those who wish to use equipment for strength training.

Locker rooms are also safe and clean. Products such as aftershave, towels, and the likes are also available for you to use after your workout if you forget to bring your own.

TELOS Fitness Center

This fitness center offers a wide variety of exercise equipment that you would ever hope to use. The good thing is that you can also find some of this equipment downstairs if you wish to perform your workouts in private. These fitness machines are durable and are in good working condition.

There is also a heated swimming pool that you can use. Different activities, like racquetball, can also be played in the basement of the establishment. There is surely a lot going on in this place, which will make your stay as enjoyable as it can be.

Dallas, Texas offers a lot of fitness gyms that you can sign up with. You have to remember, though, that, no matter which gym you choose, you should always strive hard to attain your goals so as not to waste the money you are paying for membership.