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Why Going Gluten Free Is Not Just a Fad

You’ve probably heard the word “gluten” in many ways and from lots of people, through social media, and even in real life. People have taken a higher amount of notice towards gluten free products and in all honesty, does everybody really understand what gluten is? I was one of those people who find it hard to understand what gluten was at first, or what does going gluten free exactly do. Maybe, as we go along the way, we’d get to understand more why the gluten free diet is not just a trend and that it actually has an effect or essence.

enjoying toasted breadGluten is made from gliadin and glutenin which then turns it into protein. This is what gives the bread an elastic or chewy texture. Do you still remember that delicious slice of pizza? It’s the bread that goes stretching along with the cheese on top as you tastefully take a bite out of it. The only reason why some people goes on a gluten free diet is that of the celiac disease.

In all honesty, it’s an uncommon condition that takes about 1% only of the population. This condition is a form of an autoimmune disease that causes your immune system to attack your internal intestine if you take in any food with gluten. None of us would ever want to suffer these kinds of symptoms even if it could start off slightly because, at times, they could also be severe. To those who are gluten intolerant, going gluten free was not something that they’ve decided to just “try.”

Their condition has actually somewhat left them with no choice because eating anything with gluten might cause discomfort, and in general, it just doesn’t feel good if you keep experiencing irregular bowel movement, bloating, and even pain.

The point is that there is a real percentage of people that suffer from taking in gluten in their consumption that’s why they opt for gluten free prepared meals to your door. Lots of others have followed suit, probably out of their extreme consciousness and because of their want to take good care of themselves even if they were not diagnosed with the condition that causes them to be very sensitive towards this particular form of protein.

gluten food delivered at your doorHowever, there is a fine line that we cannot deny, that some of those who try the gluten free diet are just hopping along with it because of the hype. At first, it was something that anybody could make fun of until it became annoying because everyone would go asking “Is this gluten free?” even if there is no actual medical need for them to avoid it.

People would even criticize these bandwagoners and sometimes, those who are truly in need of something free from gluten, get slammed and thrown off for being “picky.” I have to say that most of us are lucky that we do not have to endure the daily need to be careful not to include gluten within our meals. Before assuming that a person is just trying to follow a recent trend, we should at least try not to think of such out of them.

gluten free option for weight loss reasonsDo you know what would even be better? It would be better if we keep our thoughts to ourselves and just let people do their own business. So far, I haven’t heard of anything dangerous as caused by going on a gluten free diet. Yes, it could get annoying at some point but what else is there to get mad about? People do have the freedom to try out things that they want to do. Going gluten free has long been existing but simply because it has recently caught the limelight- doesn’t mean it’s all just a fad that has come to pass.

Benefits of Learning Sign Language

There are lots of ways that can be used to communicate with each other. Human beings, aside from communicating verbally, had started communicating through body language. Before anyone can learn how to talk, actions are the most fundamental ways of sending a message to someone else. For example, a can send a message that they no longer want to drink milk if they are tilting their heads sideways which can be easily interpreted as a sign of refusal. Even adults use actions to send out a message or to give a response.

learning sign language for her daughterInstead of trying to shout and call someone at the top of their lungs, they can simply get in the line of sight of the person that they’re trying to call to get their attention. A simple wave of the hand that shows a gesture of pointing the palm outward and gesturing it down in repeated fast pace is a universal sign of calling someone to come near them or get closer.

There are lots of instances where a simple gesture comes in handy. On a particular note, a part of our community is the people who were born or obtains being deaf or a hearing impairment.

Communicating becomes a lot way harder for them because the sign language that they use is something that not everyone can understand and would most often only be used by other deaf or hearing-impaired individuals too. There are also a few others who know and understand sign language as they might be working as an interpreter, an educator for them, or they might have a family member or someone close to them who is deaf or hard of hearing. Of course, learning the sign language is not limited to anyone or to a particular group of people only.

Whoever is willing to learn the language can easily do so, and they could even start working as an interpreter, or it could also help them widen their social group through having more friends in the deaf and mute community. Aside from that, there are lots of benefits in learning the sign language. Here are some of those, to name a few:

1. Second Language

It’s not just the spoken languages that give our brain benefits through better development, but the same goes with the sign language – any language as a matter of fact. Learning a second language has been proven to give a person an advantage, not just in terms of being readily available to use such language but also in how your brain processes cognitively.

2. Communication skills

Generally, a person who knows and uses ASL (American Sign Language) continually develops their overall communication skills. The structure of the language helps you in reformulating your ideas and thoughts more precisely. Sign language does not only relate to the physical movement but it also portrays the emotional language and engaging in sign language communications will help you improve your ability to interpret and read a person’s action.

improving communication skillsHaving such skill is not just usable in interacting with the deaf and the hearing-impaired community but even with those who are outside this circle. As you time goes, you would learn what a simple eye twitch can mean. Incorporating it with their facial expression, it could say that they are nervous, they are excited, etc. It’s a skill that no one could ever teach and can only be developed through experience and personal assimilation.

3. Spelling

Yes. You’ve read that correctly. Learning sign language will help you improve your spelling because aside from the actions that equal with words, they also use their hands and certain placement of such that equivalents with every letter in the alphabet. Therefore, you get to spell out the words that you have no gesture for, and they would still understand what you mean or try to say.

As you try to catch up with the exchange of finger-spelled words, it helps you become more receptive. It also improves your visual periphery, that it helps you keep a good track of the environment.

The Luxuries of a Private Plane

When you are well-off enough to afford luxurious transportation methods for traveling, then you are highly recommended to try out renting private planes. It is especially so when you are going from state to state or from country to country. After all, private planes allow for a faster and more comfortable travel. You won’t experience any hassle when you are traveling to your destination in a private jet.

To see the appeal of chartering a private jet, it is imperative that you check out what luxuries it has. A private jet has numerous amenities and luxuries that are designed to make your flight one hell of a pleasant experience. Sometimes, you can even compare the luxuries inside the jet to that of the interiors of expensive hotel suites.

Take the Boeing 747 as an example. This is one of the popular private jets among the well-off families around the world. You can find most of the Boeing jets to be equipped fully with a large dining room, lounge, conference room, master bedroom, and so much more. It is highly likely that the more expensive a private jet is, the more luxurious it is inside. Various amenities and luxuries can be enjoyed.


Almost all of the private jets has at least one toilet installed inside. There are differences in where they are installed inside the jet, though. Some toilets are positioned between the passenger cabin and the cockpit offering too little regarding privacy. Jets with this particular toilet are commonly used for short travels so the passengers can just opt to use the bathroom after landing.

If the jet is larger, then you will find that the toilet is becoming proportionally larger as well. There are even cases when the toilet has a dressing room. At times, you can expect the jet to have two bathrooms, steam room, or shower. Such luxurious setup is usually reserved for VIP jets.


Just imagine being in a private jet while traveling at night. Instead of sitting on a chair offering small legroom, you’ll be able to enjoy more space when resting here in a private jet. Commonly, you can enjoy resting on seats that can convert into flat beds. If you opt for a bigger jet, though, you can ensure bigger and better sleeping arrangements for yourself.

As some examples of what you can expect for your sleeping arrangements with private jets, you have one that allows you to convert a bench into bed. The seats in a private jet can be adjusted to make it a more comfortable resting area for the passengers. For jets that are designed to travel far distances, they are designed to accommodate an actual bedroom equipped with a very comfy bed.


While you may expect huge differences with the previous two luxuries, you can say that the food in private jets are the same regardless of what their sizes are. You can expect to be served with a selection of drinks and sandwiches while you are on board.

However, don’t think that your food selection is only limited to sandwiches and drinks. If it is your birthday or wedding anniversary, you can make special arrangements beforehand. Being able to avail of special catering services while you are on board is one of the privileges of flying a private plane.

Of course, these are not just the only luxuries you can expect from the private jet. There are still a lot of other amenities that are found in the private plane. Overall, though, what you enjoy in-flight is entirely up to what you can afford.

How To Find Korean Makeup & Cosmetics?

Many people are jumping on the Korean beauty trend around the world. These people are not afraid to spend their hard-earned money just to achieve that youthful-looking glow you envied of beautiful Korean actors and actresses. With K-beauty products, various lotions, powders, essences, and face masks are available for you to achieve that beauty purpose.

If you are not sure where to buy Korean makeup and cosmetics, then you will most likely go to eBay or Amazon to get your hands on them. The products found in these online marketplaces are priced quite reasonably and competitively. However, the downside of buying products from online marketplaces is that you won’t know if the product is genuine or not before you make your purchase. If you don’t want to get into any trouble because of your purchase, then here are some of the places you can visit to find Korean makeup and cosmetics.

Peach and Lily

If you are into skin care, then Peach and Lily is your haven. The said place is where you can get your hands on highly vetted Korean cosmetics. The said the online store is founded by Alicia Yoon. Her enthusiasm for beauty and cosmetics converted here into becoming a skincare expert. The said online store contains lots of Korean products that she has personally tried out. If you’re deciding to try out a Korean skin care routine, Peach & Lily is the right choice for you. These products are sourced from her various trips to South Korea.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is not entirely a beauty store. It is a store that contains lots of fun beauty brands. There are Korean color cosmetics and skin care from brands such as Missha, Skinfood, TonyMoly, Holika Holika, and the likes. This is certainly a good place to start if you are a newbie in Korean beauty. Even when you are just originally browsing through the site because you want to buy some jeans and sunglasses, go to the beauty section to get a feel of what the store is like.


Missha has a web shop that allows Korean cosmetics enthusiasts to find high-quality Korean products. This is a prime K-beauty destination where you can buy various skincare products from Missha. You can expect fast shipping when you order from this particular webshop. Expect frequent sale and plenty of discounts when you visit the said website.


This is one of the Korean beauty giants that is quite well-known in the US market. Nowadays, there is no more need for you to go to their shops in Los Angeles or Manhattan since they now have a fully-stocked web shop. You can just place an order online and wait for the products to arrive at your doorsteps. Through the online shop of TonyMoly, you can get your hands on Panda hand creams or Bunny face misters even in the dead of night. It won’t take long for the products you purchased to be shipped to your destination.

Pretty and Cute

If you are interested in Korean beauty products that are cute and pretty, then the Pretty and Cute company is your go-to destination. You can browse through a selection of Asian beauty brands that include Missha, Palty, Dolly Wink, and Dr. Jart. If you are from the Portland, OR area, then you should visit their brick-and-mortar shop there. The products you purchase from the online shop are shipped from this location, after all. Buying from the brick-and-mortar shop means great savings for you.


Bill Howley writes….

If you want to see really high density HVtransmission, drive to Montreal.  There are huge lines all over the place on the south bank of the St. Lawrence.  And they are all because of Hydro Quebec’s huge, and I mean huge, hydropower system in northern Quebec.  If you are ever in Quebec City, go to the Quebec Museum there.  Hydro Quebec give them gazillions of dollars and got a big wing of its own to tout its hydro power developments on land and waters they stole from the Cree back in the 1960s and 1970s.  Strangers Devour the Land is an excellent account of this theft.

I’m a big fan of hydro power, but this is exactly what is happening now with Big Wind.  Big development of renewable resources must always happen in areas where the basic resource is maximized, because big, centralized development is so expensive.  That means exploiting high resource areas and, because these areas have relatively low population density, building massive transmission to reach high load areas.

Read more about North America’s love affair with transmission lines at The Power Line.


You’ve probably heard of the harmful health effects of the electromagnetic radiation (aka EMR or EMF) emitted by high voltage powerlines. You may also have heard that there’s no certain proof that the adverse health effects were caused by the EMF. It reminds one of how we heard for decades that there may or may not be a link between cigarettes and lung cancer. An extensive BioInitiative Report released last year makes a strong case that responsible public policy should limit public exposure to EMF. The report is long, but at least take a look at the Preface and the Summary and Conclusions section. The briefest summary starts on page 34.


The Citizens Energy Task Force has submitted expert testimony to the administrative law judge on the CapX2020 case. Arne C. Kildegaard, PhD, is associate professor of economics and management at the University of Minneota at Morris. His research and teaching focus on the economics of renewable energy. For a taste, see this article in the CURA Reporter. To read the CETF testimony, see the documents page.


The Citizens Energy Task Force (CETF) is a coalition of neighbors and citizens concerned about the proposed CapX2020 high voltage transmission lines in Minnesota and Wisconsin. As a legally registered “intervening party” in the CapX2020 permitting process, we represent the concerns of citizens who question the need for these particular high voltage power lines, and who support clean, sustainable, locally-generated power sources.