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Becoming a Professional Skydive Instructor

While skydiving is one hell of an adventure sport, being a skydiving instructor is a dream job for many people. After all, who doesn’t want the perks that come with the role of being an instructor-flying in planes all day long, flying with clouds, and of course the free fall? Being a professional skydiving instructor means you are getting paid for being a certified adventure freak.

But that’s doesn’t also mean that all of this comes easy. What all it takes to get paid and jump out with the client from a plane, let’s take a look at some of the points on how to become a professional skydiving instructor.

  1. Getting your license:

First and the foremost thing is to get your hands on is a skydiving license. There are plenty of certified skydiving centers across the country that offer different training programs such as Accelerated Sky Free Fall. A standard license can be received only once you complete the training program. On completion, the United States Parachute Association issue the license to skydive. USPA Skydiving “A License” is the first license that you receive. It includes:

  • 25 skydives
  • 6 hours of ground school
  • Parachute packing training class
  • Wind tunnel training-This training is only offered at the elite training schools.

Once you are issued this license, you can skydive without using any aid of any instructor across the world.Skydiving instructor orienting first-time jumpers

  1. Build Your Skills

Now that you have your A license and 25 skydives, you can do free jumps with other divers.  While you decide to take those jumps, you are also fulfilling the requirements for license B, C, and D.

Till now you must have outlaid too much money but here’s a piece of good news that you will start earning from here on. Fund your jumps by giving helping hands too busy and experienced divers.

Packing parachutes is time-consuming but also pays you well and help you rack up the number of jumps for next level instructor ratings.

  1. Learning the basics

The other two basic requirements to be a certified skydiving instructor is:

  • 500 skydives
  • Three full years in the skydiving sport

You may think 500 is a lot, especially if you have just started skydiving. However, after you get your license and go through your first few falls, it is very easy to complete a hundred jumps within one single season. Licensed skydivers are offered lift tickets for the minimal price, which makes it affordable for skydiving several times in a day.

Secondly, you need to be in the skydiving sport for almost three years, and the reason why this is important is to make you aware of the skydiving industry in and out.

You, as an instructor, should be well aware of what happens on the ground, in the office, and learn about everything that is there to know about the industry.

So, before you are allowed to take your first passenger, you should learn about the industry well. It takes several years for many instructors to understand the fundamentals of the sport.

  1. Get Your Introductory USPA Coach Rating

So, if you ask how the life of a newbie skydiver is? The answer is simple. It’s all about skydiving. Hanging out at Skydiving Dropzones, getting jumps and trying more and more.

You convincing people to go for a jump and learning about the fundamental of skydiving every day from everyone.

It’s one way to become the best of the next-gen professional instructor, but how can you get away from this newbie persona? Well, you get the introductory Coach Course from United States Parachute Association.

This coach rating gives you the opportunity that you have been waiting for; teach new people. After getting a B license and completing 100 skydives, you are eligible for Coach Certification Course.

The requirements of the USPA Coach Course are:

  • You should be 18 years old
  • Must have completed 100 skydives
  • Hold USPA License “B”
  1. Skydiving Photographer:

Another way to add more skills to your skydiving career by becoming a camera flyer. Practice your skills and learn to frame your subjects while they fly at 150 mph!

  1. Time for AFF Instructor Rating

Once you have USPA C license and an AFF instructor proficiency certificate signed by the on-ground instructor at the drop zone, you will become eligible for AFF instructor course through USPA.

It’s a week-long course, and on completion, you will be ready to teach people. With this rating, you can teach ground schools, TDI level C to I, and all the levels of AFF. You are now a professional skydiving instructor. Tada!

  1. Final USPA Tandem Training

Now that you have the USPA coach rating, USPA license D, and have completed 500 skydives and have spent three years in the sport, it’s time you hit the final training course. And, that is USPA Tandem Training.

Tandem dive in DubaiTandem instructors need to take this course from USPA. It is designed to teach instructors on taking passengers for their tandem skydives for the first time and learn to operate the parachute during the fall.

The requirements for Tandem Skydiving Instructor are:

  • You need to be 18 years or above age
  • Should have completed 50 skydives within last year
  • USPA coach rating
  • 4 hours of total freefall time
  • Medical: FAA Class III

Important Tip: During the course of training, try to know people at the skydiving dropzone and make yourself serviceable whenever you can. Building relationships with other instructors, regulars, and staff can help you grow your network and skills for getting jumps and additional help to pursue the ratings. You can pick from the ratings from Tandem to AFF or both.

Now that you have all the ratings and certifications required to teach and take clients, you are all experience the world’s best adventure sport all day long. Not only that, besides experiencing yourself, you are also going to introduce this amazing sport to others as well.

With consistency and dedication, you can complete 500 jumps within two years of the period.

Must-Visit Parks in New York City

New York City is not only famous for its fun and modern vibe, but it is also known as a green city as it is surrounded by a lot of parks. Thus, it is like you can have the best of both worlds when you are in this city – you can bask in the beauty of nature, and at the same time, you can enjoy the fun city life.

We have rounded up some of the best parks in the city that you should not miss when in New York. Plus, if you are into biking, here are some good options to ride your bike at.

Outdoor film viewing at the Brooklyn Bridge 1. Brooklyn Bridge Park

This park is located just under the Brooklyn Bridge. If you want to have a nice view of Manhattan, this is the place to be. This park is perfect for some weekend picnics with your family and friends or just strolling by yourself and enjoying the greens surrounding you. Brooklyn Bridge Park is also the venue for some special events such as free Movies with a View as well as kayaking and fitness classes. Ultimately, there are a lot of activities you can do in this park.

2. Central Park

Probably the most notable and famous park in the whole New York. Your visit to the city will not be complete without paying this park a visit and rent bikes in NYC to get around this iconic place. The Central Park is where you can find the Strawberry Fields which became famous because it was dedicated to John Lennon. This is a huge 38-acre park that has various areas you can enjoy. There’s an area where there’s a lot of people which is perfect for those who want to enjoy the fun vibe of the park. While there are also some areas which are quiet enough for some me-time.

3. Flushing Meadows – Corona Park

This is the second largest park in New York City. Since the park is big enough, there are a lot of recreational activities you can do here such as soccer, baseball, cricket, tennis and many others. There’s also an art museum here, a zoo and a botanical garden. Thus, whatever your preference is, there’s definitely a thing for you at Flushing Meadows – Corona Park.

Governors Island4. The Hills at Governor’s Island

This park is the perfect venue for some me-time, or you are contemplating on what to write about or what to paint. The Hills at Governor’s Island boasts of amazing views with a grassy spot. Its landscape architecture is made in such a way that the park will be safe from natural disasters. This is also an excellent place for those who love to bike around.

5. Hudson River Park

This is another vast park which is just adjacent to the Hudson River. It is famous for its being near the shoreline of the river and for its landscaped lawns and piers which are perfect for jogging around, skating, strolling and even cycling. There’s also bike rental available here in case you don’t have a bike, but you like to ride one. The Hudson River Park is also famous as a venue for some ecological study for some students since it has a 400-acres estuarine sanctuary.

The Luxuries of a Private Plane

When you are well-off enough to afford luxurious transportation methods for traveling, then you are highly recommended to try out renting private planes. It is especially so when you are going from state to state or from country to country. After all, private planes allow for a faster and more comfortable travel. You won’t experience any hassle when you are traveling to your destination in a private jet.

To see the appeal of chartering a private jet, it is imperative that you check out what luxuries it has. A private jet has numerous amenities and luxuries that are designed to make your flight one hell of a pleasant experience. Sometimes, you can even compare the luxuries inside the jet to that of the interiors of expensive hotel suites.

Take the Boeing 747 as an example. This is one of the popular private jets among the well-off families around the world. You can find most of the Boeing jets to be equipped fully with a large dining room, lounge, conference room, master bedroom, and so much more. It is highly likely that the more expensive a private jet is, the more luxurious it is inside. Various amenities and luxuries can be enjoyed.


Almost all of the private jets has at least one toilet installed inside. There are differences in where they are installed inside the jet, though. Some toilets are positioned between the passenger cabin and the cockpit offering too little regarding privacy. Jets with this particular toilet are commonly used for short travels so the passengers can just opt to use the bathroom after landing.

If the jet is larger, then you will find that the toilet is becoming proportionally larger as well. There are even cases when the toilet has a dressing room. At times, you can expect the jet to have two bathrooms, steam room, or shower. Such luxurious setup is usually reserved for VIP jets.


Just imagine being in a private jet while traveling at night. Instead of sitting on a chair offering small legroom, you’ll be able to enjoy more space when resting here in a private jet. Commonly, you can enjoy resting on seats that can convert into flat beds. If you opt for a bigger jet, though, you can ensure bigger and better sleeping arrangements for yourself.

As some examples of what you can expect for your sleeping arrangements with private jets, you have one that allows you to convert a bench into bed. The seats in a private jet can be adjusted to make it a more comfortable resting area for the passengers. For jets that are designed to travel far distances, they are designed to accommodate an actual bedroom equipped with a very comfy bed.


While you may expect huge differences with the previous two luxuries, you can say that the food in private jets are the same regardless of what their sizes are. You can expect to be served with a selection of drinks and sandwiches while you are on board.

However, don’t think that your food selection is only limited to sandwiches and drinks. If it is your birthday or wedding anniversary, you can make special arrangements beforehand. Being able to avail of special catering services while you are on board is one of the privileges of flying a private plane.

Of course, these are not just the only luxuries you can expect from the private jet. There are still a lot of other amenities that are found in the private plane. Overall, though, what you enjoy in-flight is entirely up to what you can afford.